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New Adult Dehydration Guideline

A new clinical guideline has been developed to support management of acute adult dehydration in primary care. This has been developed by a group of primary care practitioners and specialists in the field to provide guidance with respect to the management of adult dehydration. If you wish to provide any feedback on this guideline, we would love to hear from you - submit this here...

August 12, 2015

POAC Web Form Issues

The Primary Options service was migrated to a new HealthLink hosted website ( recently by Comprehensive Care, this has caused some unforeseen connection issues. The new website resolves though public DNS to an IP address of That IP address is part of the wider IP address range that is reserved for use on Connected Health. The website is not accessible via the public Internet and can only be accessed via the Connected Health gate...

July 29, 2015

Chest X-Ray for CAP

Patients with suspected CAP can usually be diagnosed and managed on the basis of their clinical presentation. POAC funds CXR in CAP when it is required acutely to avoid hospital admission or to change immediate management. IV therapy is NOT recommended for treatment of CAP in the community. CXR does not assist with making a decision to give IV antibiotics as this decision is based on clinical presentation. In most cases, the CXR is not needed immediately and should be requested using Access ...

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