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Covid-19 Assessment Funding

Covid Claims

All payment queries, amendments and disputes can be emailed to

Please include NHI, date of the e-Notification submission, and detail of the query.  Excel format is ideal to allow prompt review and response.

Provider payments are aimed to be processed weekly, in arrears.

A reminder to ensure a valid SURV code is included in the lab request to ensure correct payment is processed.  A list of SURV codes can be found HERE

Notification and funding process

The e-Notification via Care Connect should be used to submit all Covid-19 notifications to Auckland Regional Public Health Service.    

Reimbursement for activity is based on the patient paying no co-payment and is to be applied regardless of Residency status.  

Funding is not available for asymptomatic patients or repatriation swabbing.  Refer to the full Auckland Regional HealthPathway & Primary Care Algorithm here

Extended POAC funding

During the Covid-19 response period, POAC may be used to fund a range of extended services where endorsed by hospital specialist or pre-approved by POAC. Additional services may include iron infusions, cancer medication administration, radiology investigations, social supports, and management of conditions normally out of scope but currently impacted by Covid-19 and unavailable through local DHB services.

Contact POAC for pre-approval (09) 535 7218 or email  

When submitting your referral electronically, use coding ‘Covid-19 – Extended Services’ and state the name of the endorsing consultant. 


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