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COVID-19 Funding Information

Important Updates 1st July 2024

The following updates apply from 1 July 2024:

General Practice/UCC/ARC:

  • COVID RAT and PCR assessment and testing will no longer be funded from 1 July.

  • Funding of COVID Care will no longer be funded.

  • Funding of Advance Prescribing of anti-viral medication will no longer be funded

  • Funded administration of COVID-19 vaccines will remain available for eligible people until 30 June 2025, from 30 Nov 2024 afterhours funding for vaccine delivery will cease. See here for more info.

  • Access to funded PPE will end 30 June 2024

  • A range of clinical telehealth services will also no longer be available from 1 July.

  • All full and final claims (including historical claim queries) must be submitted no later than 20th July 2024.


  • COVID-19 antiviral medicines remain funded and available for eligible people at pharmacies. See here for eligibility criteria. 

  • Free RATs for public distribution via community pharmacies continue until 30 September 2024.

  • Access to funded PPE will end 30 June 2024.

Claiming Deadlines:

All final claims, outstanding payments or claim queries must be submitted no later than 20th July 2024.  Strictly from this date no further claims will be accepted.

A reminder that positive RAT tests or PCR claims from 1 December 2023 should have been submitted using the POAC PMS claiming system.  If this has not been done, please ensure all claims submitted by 20th July.  Note that this applies only for eligible patients and cannot be claimed in addition to the Initial Assessment for COVID Care. 

Claim or Payment Queries:

All outstanding payments or claim queries should be submitted using the link HERE to allow tracking of queries.  Due to the high volume, and to ensure receipt, please do not email these.

Primary Care Framework

National guidance for Primary Care testing and management of COVID-19 (Oct 2023)

Auckland Regional HealthPathways

For the current clinical guidance on COVID-19 testing, management and vaccines, see HealthPathway below

Advance Prescribing

For all details relating to prescribing antiviral medication for patients who are not COVID-19 positive

COVID-19 Pharmacy Claiming

COVID-19 Resources

Regional HealthPathway

For full clinical information on testing and management of COVID-19 view the Auckland Regional HealthPathway here

See additional clinical resources below:


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