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Ferinject Iron Infusion

IV Iron (ferinject) for Iron Deficiency Anaemia (Single Dose Only)

  • Funding is available for patients across all three Auckland Districts that:

    • Are eligible for public health funding in New Zealand - check eligibility HERE

    • Meet the clinical criteria (see below)

  • Use the online referral form below to refer your patient to a local Infusion Centre if the infusion cannot be administered in your own practice.  Vouchers are valid and accepted for four weeks from date of referral.

  • Haemoglobin and, where required, Ferritin needs to be completed within the four weeks prior to referral OR within three months for renal patients. (Ferritin is required for all patients except those referred under Specialist recommendation). Results used must be the most recent recorded.

  • If a specialist recommendation is a requirement for your patient to meet the criteria for a funded infusion, send an eReferral to the specialty of the cause of anaemia if known. If unknown, send the eReferral to general medicine.

    As these requests are not time sensitive, please avoid telephoning for authorisation.

Funding exclusion:

  • Women who are funded for maternity services ONLY in NZ (e.g. eligible under husband's work visa) are not eligible for community-funded iron infusion.  If unable to self-fund, please refer to the hospital obstetric service.

Referral Process

  • If infusion is not being completed by the referring clinician, complete the form below to refer patient to one of the listed infusions centres, or to the patient's own GP.

  • If referring to the patient's own GP, please provide patient with a copy of the referral form.  Patient is required to contact and book their own appointment.


  • Submit a new POAC referral via the POAC PMS form using the condition coding "Ferinject IV Iron Infusion"

  • Submit invoice for services provided as below:

    • IV iron infusion (single dose only) $110

    • GP or nurse consultation at practice casual rate (where referred by another provider)

    • Admin fee $15.50

    No patient co-payment is to be charged

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