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During the Covid-19 outbreak, please consider carefully the need  for acute imaging, particularly chest X-Ray in a patient with ANY respiratory symptoms. Where possible, treat on presenting symptoms and reserve acute imaging for cases which will change immediate management. Please call ahead to providers where X-Ray is deemed necessary


POAC funded radiology is available for paediatrics (0-15 year olds) where required acutely to avoid same day admission. Consider discussing with paediatrician.

For all Ultrasound and CT appointments see Auckland Regional HealthPathways, discuss with on-call paediatric service and call POAC with name of specialist endorsing the investigation to arrange an appointment.

Starship Children's Hospital: 021 927 680

Kidz First (MMH): 021 516 908 or (09) 250 3820

North Shore and Waitakere: 0800 244 533

Using the practice management system (or paper referral) generate the POAC case number and write a radiology request form. Advise the patient/carer to attend a private radiology provider of their choice with the request form. Emphasize need for same day X ray and follow up


POAC funding may be used for patients who are a distance from the hospital grounds (or other barrier to access) and need an urgent, same day X-ray to assist in immediate clinical management and avoid an acute hospital presentation.

Under these circumstances, POAC will provide funding for the following acute (same day) X-Rays:

  • Abdominal Xray-not for suspected renal colic
  • ACC surcharges for St John referred injury patients
  • Foreign Body (non-ACC, e.g. ingested FB)
  • Chest Xray - Chest X-Rays are usually not needed in initial community management of Community Acquired Pneumonia. They may however be required if diagnosis is uncertain and the findings will alter clinical acute management. For further information click here
Consider using DHB walk in service for plain x-rays.  Refer here for referral details

For POAC funding to apply, same day follow up of the X ray result must be documented in the clinical notes.


Phone (09) 535 7218 to request CT or Ultrasound appointments which will be facilitated by POAC coordination team.

The following are standard presentations eligible for POAC. Other services may be available, please call to discuss.


Seek radiology advice about the appropriate imaging to help:

  • manage the patient.
  • clarify the interpretation of prior imaging.
  • avoid unnecessary specialist appointment or emergency department referral.

Contact phone numbers:

Auckland 027 491 9589 or (09) 307 2800

Counties Manukau (09) 276‑0044 ext. 53462

Waitemata 021 874 664 or (09) 486 8920 ext 42771

Options if practice has no ATD budget left and investigation is indicated

Explore the patient's ability to pay.

If imaging is indicated as part of discharge planning or follow-up from previous abnormal results from the DHB, select the "imaging reqeuested by DHB provider" checkbox on the ATD ProExtra form and proceed with the request. (This will be taken into account when the practice's budget use is reviewed.)

If the imaging is not urgent, put the patient on in-practice waiting list and issue the imaging request the following month.

If imaging is required more urgently and your practice is:

not "hard floored" or "on notice", proceed with the ATD ProExtra request. Explain why the imaging is required more urgently.



Injury related investigations should be accessed through the ACC funding stream. POAC may assist by facilitating acutely required DVT ultrasound appointments however should remain ACC funded.  (The patient is responsible for payment of any co-payment, unless St John or ED referred). 


All pregnancy related ultrasounds should be referred under maternity funding. POAC funding is available where >3 weeks post partum/termination or >6 weeks post partum.


Urgent or routine investigations are not funded under POAC and can be accessed by eReferral to DHB, Access to Diagnostics or private funding/insurance.


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