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POAC Funded Head CT

POAC funding is available for CT Head to avoid acute hospital referral under the following circumstances:

  • Upon endorsement (must have name documented) normally by Neurology, or, for TIA, a Stroke specialist

  • For patients who would otherwise be accepted immediately into ED for an assessment, which may be avoided by accessing CT head in the community within a 24-48h timeframe.

  • Non-hospital assessment must be a safe option.

  • GP may need to discuss with neurology if there is uncertainty e.g. about the need for a scan in a POAC timeframe (next 24-48 hours).

  • POAC cannot get same-day scans and cannot get investigations on weekends or public holidays. If a scan can wait until after a weekend or public holiday (ie > 48 hours), it is most likely not a case that falls under the POAC funding criteria.

  • POAC does NOT fund injury-related head CTs. POAC has not gained agreement for ACC to fund injury-related head CT outside of the hospital, so ACC patients will have to continue to be assessed in ED

  • If head CT is required less acutely (> 48 hours), submit eReferral for urgent head CT, document the name of the endorsing clinician.


·       Chronic symptoms

·       Head injury

·       Stroke

·       TIA, where the TIA HealthPathway recommends acute assessment (i.e. all TIAs occurring in the last 24 hours, and many TIAs occurring in the last 7 days).  See TIA HealthPathway here

·       Cognitive impairment


Email the radiology request form to referral@poac.co.nz (ensure the name of the endorsing specialist is documented) and phone POAC (09) 535 7218.  If POAC is not able to provide an appointment in the required timeframe, hospital referral may be required.


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