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Terms and Conditions

POAC Referral Terms and Conditions of Use


In these terms and conditions, unless the context otherwise requires:

  • "We" or "Us" means the contract holders: Clinical Assessments Limited

  • "The Service" means Primary Options for Acute Care (POAC)

  • "Referrer" means the referring clinician 


This document represents a contract between Clinical Assessment Limited and Referrers wishing to refer to a service provided under POAC.  The range of services is outlined on the POAC website www.poac.co.nz.


The objective of the service is to improve health outcomes for patients by providing safe alternatives to reduce acute hospital referrals, and specific planned and proactive care options (as outlined on the POAC website www.poac.co.nz).

It offers access to funded, coordinated, community-based services, empowering primary care providers to deliver more flexible and responsive care options.

Definition of the Service

The service(s) are as defined on the POAC website.  These may be modified from time to time.

Qualifying Patients

Patients who:

  • Are eligible for healthcare funding in New Zealand (as defined on the Health New Zealand website here) are eligible to be referred to the service, AND

  • Meet specific criteria outlined on the POAC website for the service being referred.

Qualifying Referrers

Any registered medical practitioner who holds a current Annual Practicing Certificate and has not been found guilty of disgraceful conduct under the Medical Practitioners Act 1995 is eligible to refer patients to the service.

Medical and Nursing Staff

All medical and nursing staff employed by the referring referrer must be registered with their appropriate statutory body and hold a current annual practicing certificate.

Clinical Responsibility

When a referrer who is not the patient’s GP refers a patient to the service (the Initiating Referrer), they agree to advise and hand over care to the patient’s GP at the earliest practical opportunity, such as the next working day. The Initiating Referrer carries clinical responsibility for managing the patient’s acute illness until this responsibility is accepted by the patient’s GP.

Quality Standards

Referrers referring patients to the service will apply sound clinical judgment to ensure patient safety is not compromised and abide by the POAC Clinical Policies. Clinical pathways will be followed where available. 

Scope of Practice

Clinicians must work within their scope of practice as defined by their professional training, qualifications, and registration. They should only perform duties and procedures for which they are fully trained and competent, ensuring patient safety and compliance with New Zealand's regulatory standards. This includes maintaining up to date knowledge through ongoing professional development.


In addition to regular clinical records, referrers must complete a POAC referral and ensure the correct case reference numbers are documented on all external requests (e.g. Radiology, Urgent Care Clinic).


When using the service, the referrer agrees to take full clinical responsibility for managing the treatment and ongoing care of their patient in the community. The referrer indemnifies us against any loss, damage, or expense incurred by us as a result of any action or poor performance by the referrer.


The referrer agrees to cooperate with us in our audit responsibilities as per Clinical Assessments Ltd contractual obligations.  The referrer agrees to allow the contracting body reasonable access to premises, all relevant information, and POAC referred patients or their families as required for audit purposes. Access to clinical information for audit purposes will only be made available to a suitably qualified registered medical practitioner.


The referrer agrees to adhere to the claiming instructions as defined on the POAC website.  This may be modified by us from time to time. The referrer agrees to complete a referral for each case initiated, within 24 hours of commencing any treatment or clinical management.  The referrer agrees to forward all relevant information along with the claim by the 20th of the month following completion of care.

Payment for the Service

We agree to pay for all appropriate referrals made by the referrer to the service. Claims may be adjusted as per POAC funding policies and the fees outlined in the POAC claiming guide or on the POAC website.

Cost Control

Payment for the service is subject to the POAC referral cost control processes and the specific funding schedule of the service being claimed.  Claims may be amended accordingly and the clinic will be notified by adjustment in the emailed payment advice.  

Referrer Acknowledgement

By signing the referral form, submitting a referral electronically, or commencing services funded under any Service, the referrer acknowledges that they have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and the specific requirements as outlined on the POAC website.  

Clinical Governance

The referrer agrees to adhere to the Clinical Governance procedures as contained in the Clinical Governance Process and its amendments.

Vulnerable Children Act 2014

In accordance with the Vulnerable Children Act 2014, the referring Organisation must have a child protection policy containing provisions on the identification and reporting of child abuse and neglect and will undertake worker safety checks.

We reserve the right to modify or limit the availability of the service without further notice.


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