(09) 535 7218 (Mon-Fri, 8.30-4.30)

Paediatric Radiology under POAC

POAC-funded radiology is available for paediatrics (0-15 year olds) where required acutely to avoid same-day hospital admission. Consider prior discussion with a paediatrician.

For all Ultrasound and CT appointments see Auckland Regional HealthPathways, discuss with on-call paediatric service and call POAC with the name of specialist endorsing the investigation to arrange an appointment.

Starship Children's Hospital: 021 927 680

Kidz First (MMH): 021 516 908 or (09) 250 3820

North Shore and Waitakere: 0800 244 533

How to request:

Use the practice management system (PMS) to generate the POAC case number and write on radiology request form. 

X-Ray: Advise the patient/carer to attend any private community radiology provider of their choice with the request form.  No appointment is necessary.  Ensure the POAC number is documented on the form.

USS/CT: Email request form to referral@poac.co.nz and phone (09) 535 7218 to arrange appointment (Mon-Fri only).  Inform the POAC coordinator if transport is required.


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