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Opioid Substitution Therapy Funding

Reimbursement for authorised general practitioners (GPs)

From 1 May 2017 authorised GPs who provide Opioid Substitution Treatment (OST) to patients can claim a reimbursement for a fixed number of patient/GP visits per year. This service is only for patients who are identified as stable and suitable to receive this care from an authorised GP by the Community Alcohol and Drug Service (CADS)/Auckland Opioid Treatment Service (AOTS).

The Auckland metro DHBs have agreed to fund :

4.5 (four and one half) visits per patient/service user, per year, for those on the OST shared care programme. The reimbursement is to cover patient co-payments for face to face visits and repeat prescriptions, so there is no charge to the patient. N.B. The 4.5 days are to allow for the usual 28 day prescription period.

The total amount claimable is $337.50 (excluding GST) per patient per annum. This comprises of a quarterly face to face visit, and repeat prescriptions every 28 days.

Claims can be submitted quarterly for the amount of $97.00 (including GST)

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