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Claiming for cervical screening for eligible women who reside in the Auckland or Waitematā Districts, or receive care at a clinic located in the Auckland or Waitemata District.

(For clinics within the Counties Manukau District, claiming is via your PHO)

Cervical Screening Important Changes To Claiming

June 19, 2024

Key Changes Effective 1st July 2024:

 Removal of After-Hours Fee:Starting 1st July, the accessible after-hours fee for cervical screening services will be removed. This change aims to streamline the fee structure and ensure consistency across service hours. Increase in Cervical Screening Service Rates:There will be an increas...
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Routine Screening Maori and Pacific: $49.75

  • All routine screening for Maori/Pacific women, 25-69 years of age

Routine Screening Community Services Card Holder: $40.25

  • All routine screening for CSC card holders, 25-69 years of age

Un-Screened / Under-Screened Women: $57.50

  • Age 30 and over, 5 years (3 years immune deficient) from previous normal cytology screen, OR

  • Women aged 70-74 years who have not had 2 consecutive normal cytology results between 62-69 yrs, or 'HPV not detected' results in 5 years prior to age 70)

Follow-Up Screening (All): $57.50

Follow-up testing is free for everyone, regardless of their eligibility for free routine screening. All eligible follow-up tests are listed below:

  • All recommended HPV and / or cytology follow-up testing after ‘HPV Other’ is detected (until returned to routine screening)

  • People who have not yet been returned to routine interval screening (prior to the commencement of the HPV primary screening programme on 12 September 2023) and require follow-up testing (e.g., 12-month repeat screening after a previous low-grade cytology result).

  • Repeat screening after an invalid or unsuitable for analysis HPV test result, or an unsatisfactory cytology sample.

  • Test of Cure (including those eligible for a Test of Cure because of historical high-grade result) or recommended follow-up after colposcopy.

  • Annual co-testing (for life) because of the history of a previous HPV-negative high-grade cervical or vaginal lesion, or a history of adenocarcinoma in-situ (AIS) where the HPV status prior to treatment is unknown.

Accessible Cervical Screening (in addition to the standard fee for screening outside of normal clinic hours: $99.50 IMPORTANT: THIS FUNDING LINE IS AVAILABLE ONLY TO 30 JUNE 2024

Note: Cervical screening must be free to eligible women. There is to be no co-payment charged for any items related to cervical screening.


General Practice Claiming:

Claiming is via the POAC service.  Submit your invoice via the POAC PMS form using the patient-domiciled District, unless the patient resides in Counties Manukau where you can override the warning and proceed under the district of the practice.  Use the code 'Cervical Screening', and select the appropriate fee from the listed schedule, based on the patient's eligibility.  This includes both types of screening.

Please note that the $15.50 admin fee is NOT claimable under this funding scheme.

Other Providers (or unable to submit via PMS):

Complete the online claiming form below.


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