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Referring to aged care facilities under POAC funding


Urgent short-term placement in a residential care facility (rest home, private hospital, or dementia) may be funded by POAC to avoid an acute hospital referral or to assist in discharging the patient from the hospital.  POAC may also be used as an interim measure, pending permanent care arrangements or assessments.  

Referrals after 2 pm daily may need to be deferred to the next business day.  Weekend referrals must be pre-arranged during business hours, OR can be arranged directly with the facility if over a weekend.  The details of the accepting facility can be documented on the referral form.

If referring over the weekend, referrers can arrange placement directly with the preferred facility.  POAC will pre-approve the funding of the initial weekend or public holiday period and will review the ongoing funding arrangements on the next business day.  


1. All medication and signed prescriptions must be provided prior to the patient transferring to the facility

2. COVID-19 - Aged care provider screening form to be completed

Ministry of Health Guidelines require the completion of a Covid-19 screening form prior to any proposed transfer or new admission to an Aged Residential Care (ARC) facility.  This form can either be attached to the POAC referral form, or emailed to POAC referral@poac.co.nz.

3. If a referral is not being made by the patient's own GP, the referrer must contact the GP practice to discuss and arrange ongoing clinical responsibility, prior to referring


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