(09) 535 7218 (Mon-Fri, 8.30-4.30)

POAC Funded Ultrasound and CT for adults

POAC funds and coordinates access to a range of acute Ultrasound and CT requests where required within 24-48 hour time frame, to avoid acute hospital referral.

The following are standard presentations eligible for POAC. Other services may be available, please call (09) 535 7218 to discuss your request.

How to request:

Complete a POAC referral via the Practice Management System (PMS), prepare a radiology request form and document the POAC case number.  Alternatively, use the online referral option below.

Email the radiology request form to referral@poac.co.nz and phone POAC (09) 535 7218 to request booking.  Inform the POAC coordination team of any mobility or transport issues.

If POAC is unable to assist in the required timeframe, hospital referral may be required.


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