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In January 2019 new pathways were published for Skin and Soft Tissue Abscess in Adults, Mastitis and Breast Abscess and Bartholin’s Cyst or Abscess. Communications were sent via Medinz and the POAC blog – click here to sign up Following review by the regional Antimi...
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Primary Care communications for new abscess management pathways

Auckland Regional HealthPathways has developed three new pathways for abscess management: Skin and soft tissue abscess in adultsBartholin's cyst or abscess Mastitis and breast abscess These best practice regionally agreed pathways have been developed with both primary a...
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POAC aligns its funding with the best practice recommendations contained within the Auckland Regional HealthPathways. These recommendations have been agreed by primary care clinicians and hospital specialists across the metro Auckland region. This includes Infectious Disease...
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