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POAC Funded ECG for chest pain

December 10, 2019
An internal review of chest pain cases has demonstrated that many claims for ECGs performed to investigate a possible  diagnosis  of  Acute Coronary Syndrome do not align with the Acute Chest Pain HealthPathway A normal ECG alone cannot rule out Acute Coronary...
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ECG funding under POAC

April 16, 2018
The following principles apply when considering ECG funding under POAC CHEST PAIN Patients who present with current pain and high suspicion of ACS - admit as per regional acute chest pain pathway. Any management awaiting ambulance transfer is standard care and POAC...
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POAC will fund for urgent ECG under the following circumstances:

1.       Investigation of current/recent chest pain with possibility of acute coronary syndrome (ACS) – low risk of ACS but diagnosis still under consideration.  See Acute Chest Pain HealthPathway. https://aucklandregion.healthpathways.or...
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