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Testicular Torsion - Policy Update

Ultrasound for suspected Testicular Torsion

Policy Updated: October 2023

Please Note: This is not intended as a clinical guideline for management of suspected Testicular Torsion in Primary Care


Requests have been received for POAC to fund scrotal ultrasound investigation for the purpose of excluding testicular torsion.  Diagnosis should usually be made based on clinical presentation; diagnosis and treatment should not be delayed. See relevant pathways:

  • Scrotal Lumps in Adults

  • Scrotal Pain and Swelling in Children

  • Epididymo-orchitis

POAC Policy:

POAC WILL NOT fund an ultrasound for the purpose of excluding testicular torsion unless discussed with a hospital Urologist and an appointment can be arranged the same day. Include the name of the recommending clinician with the clinical notes provided to POAC


Testicular torsion requires urgent review in the hospital. Awaiting an ultrasound will cause a delay in specialist assessment.


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