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Credentialed LARC Inserters

Current list of Counties Manukau Health General Practitioners who have been credentialed to provide LARC insertion and removal.

For more information regarding credential requirements contact Sue Tutty, GP Liaison Women’s Health by email

Credentialed list:

Updated: August 2020

Mangere Hub Contraception Clinic - see website

Open every Thursday 8.30am - 4.00pm.  Walk in or by appointment.

Phone: 09 259 3826 or 021 190 8575

10 Waddon Place, Mangere

Family Planning, Ph (09) 298 4608

South Auckland clinics 

Bader Drive Health Care Mangere, 93 Bader Dr, Mangere Town Centre (09) 275 8598

Dr Nua Tupai (IUCD insertion and removal)

Bakerfield Medical & Urgent Care, 16a Bakerfield Pl, Manukau, Ph (09) 263 7770

Dr Sahar Bahnam (IUCD/Jadelle)

Rashika Devi (Jadelle)

Botany Town Centre Medical Practice, 588 Chapel Road, East Tamaki, Ph (09) 273 6003

Dr Pieter Vosloo (Jadelle/IUCD)

Clendon Family Health Centre, 9 Robert Ross Place, Ph (09) 267 2636

Dr Greg Judkins (Jadelle)

Dr Bhavana Patel (Jadelle)

Crawford Medical Centre, 4 Picton Street, Howick, Ph (09) 538 0083

Dr Kate Gittons

Conifer Grove Gardens Medical Centre, 138 Great South Rd, Papakura (09) 298 0238

Dr May Lim (Shan) (IUCD insertion/removal)

Dr Upsdell's Surgery, 2 Graeme Ave, Mangere East, Ph (09) 278 7214

Dr Upsdell (Jadelle)

Drury Surgery, 175 Great South Rd, Drury, Ph (09) 294 3005

Catherine Lu (Jadelle/IUCD)

Christine Rushton (IUCD) & Lynette Ashby (IUCD/Jadelle) - accepting clinic enrolled patients only

Local Doctors, Ph (09) 274 7823 ext 9935,

View list of clinic addresses

Dr Sue Tutty (IUCD/Jadelle) - East Tamaki

Dr Kalyani Wijeweera (Jadelle) - Dawson Rd

Dr Oruba Khalil (Jadelle/IUCD) - Bairds Rd

Dr Lemar Kandelaki (Jadelle) - Mangere

Dr Janan Mansour (Jadelle/IUCD) - Dannemora

Dr Eldrin Rizal (Jadelle) - Mangere Bridge

Leabank Health Centre, 100 Weymouth Rd, Manurewa,  Ph (09) 267 1580

Dr Nishela Manuwadu (Jadelle)

Shashir Kumar Thota (IUCD and Jadelle) 

Mangere Health Centre, 6 Waddon Place, Mangere, Ph (09) 255 0600

Dr Chris Naughton (IUCD/Jadelle)

Nurse Lorrayne Rani (Jadelle)

Dr Jamie Foo (Jadelle insertion and removal)

Marina Medical, Level 1, Compass Building, Half Moon Bay Marina, Ph (09) 534 5414

Dr Robert Rigby (IUCD)

Pakuranga Medical, 10 Cortina Pl, Pakuranga, Ph (09) 950 7351

Dr Orna McGinn

Dr Eileen Sables

Mangere Health Centre, 6 Waddon Place, Mangere, Ph (09) 255 0619                                      

Dr Christopher Naughton              

Otara Family & Christian Health Centre, 5/120 East Tamaki Road, Otara, Ph (09) 274 6654 

Renee Carroll  (Jadelle)

Siniva Toma  (Jadelle) 

Prison Services
Dr Lynette Ashby (only sees prison patients)

Pukekohe Family Health Care, 10 West St, Pukekohe, Ph (09) 237 0280

Dr Aileen Elborough

Dr Hella Insinger (Jadelle only)

Dr Rattan Saini

Dr Selina Green

Dr Chantal Koelewijn (IUCD only)

Southpoint Family Doctors, 652 Great South Rd, Manukau, Ph (09) 262 0072

Dr Fiona Shepherd (Jadelle only)

Dr Hinamaha Lutui (IUCD only)

Turuki Healthcare, 2/32 Canning Cres, Mangere, Ph(09) 275 5788

Dr Lily Fraser (Jadelle only)

Dr Emalia Lavemai (Jadelle only)

Jessie Crawford (Jadelle)

Dr Janet Vaughan (Jadelle and IUCD)

Three Kings Accident and Medical, 536 Mt Albert Rd, Mt Roskill, Ph (09) 625 2999

Dr Kate Harrison (CMH patients, enrolled with clinic only)

Pukekohe Maternity Hospital, 1 Tuakau Rd, Pukekohe - 0272 564 088, email

Midwife Elizabeth Harker (Jadelle only)

Donna Ritchie, 021 248 2481 (up to 6 weeks post partum, accepting own registered patients only)

Working in school based service (Jadelle only)

Kate Chitar (CMDHB)

Kerrie Salwey (CMDHB)


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