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COVID-19 VAX HOME VISIT: Clinically and/or physically unable to leave the House

For approved COVID-19 Outreach Vaccinators

Following completion of the form below (pharmacy only) or the normal POAC form via PMS for General Practice, reimbursement is at a rate of $163.95 excl GST, Primary Care Providers (General Practice and Pharmacy) where in-home COVID-19 vaccination is necessary as the Practice’s enrolled patient or existing Pharmacy patient is unable to leave the house.  This funding can be paid once the Primary Care Provider:

  • Meets the requirements of being a COVID-19 Outreach Vaccinator, and
  • Identifies the patients who are clinically or physically unable to leave the house, and
  • Travels to the patient’s home and administers the COVID-19 vaccination (including administration of booster and paediatric vaccinations)

Only one home visit is payable for each household visited*

Primary Care Providers also need to ensure the COVID-19 Vaccination is entered in the CIR which will also trigger the standard** COVID-19 Vaccination fee of $36.05 which is paid via a separate payment mechanism. 

*(Opportunistic vaccination of other household members will be paid on a Pay Per Dose (PPD) fee basis for each subsequent vaccination ($36.05), although the home visit component of the fee ($163.95 + GST) will only be able to be charged once per visit (not per person)

** The service will only be delivered during standard business hours, 8.00am to 8.00pm, Monday to Thursday, and 8.00am to 5.00pm Fridays, so the after-hours PPD fee will not apply.


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