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Funding is available for either virtual or face to face consultation for patients who have a post-vaccination adverse event (within two weeks of vaccination).

  • Must include Vaccination Date (adverse event must fall within 2 weeks of vaccination date)
  •  And include the type of vaccination reaction in the Provisional/Working Diagnosis Free Text Box
  • And be reported to CARM (record in notes or use tick box on form for CARM when operational)
  • Submit a new referral to POAC via the PMS form 
  • Use coding from dropdown box 'COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Event' 
  • No admin fee claimable

Submit an invoice using following fee schedule:

·        COVID Vax Reaction Tele + CARM ($69) ($60 + GST)

·        COVID Vax Reaction Full Assess + CARM ($138) ($120 + GST)

Normal POAC funding can also be used to cover extended care for more severe cases.  These include ECG, point of care troponin, extended observation and IV fluids for dehydration.  Claim under the SAME case number.

As usual, supporting clinical notes must accompany claims, including notes indicating active monitoring during observation time. 

Report adverse vaccine reactions to CARM https://www.medsafe.govt.nz/COVID-19/adverse-event-reporting-form.asp

Unlike the usual CARM process for other conditions, please note you will not receive a response from CARM relating to COVID-19 vaccination adverse events you have reported. Collated adverse events information will be added to the worldwide published data in due course.

COVID-19 HealthPathway vaccination information can be viewed here 

Latest MedSafe COVID-19 safety report can be viewed https://www.medsafe.govt.nz/COVID-19/safety-report-39.asp


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