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POAC Web Form Issues

The Primary Options service was migrated to a new HealthLink hosted website ( recently by Comprehensive Care, this has caused some unforeseen connection issues.

The new website resolves though public DNS to an IP address of That IP address is part of the wider IP address range that is reserved for use on Connected Health. The website is not accessible via the public Internet and can only be accessed via the Connected Health gateway used by your organisation.

Your IT support organisation will need to check whether the following things are in place for your organisation:

1)Traffic bound for any IP address (or at a minimum for this particular service) is being routed out via your organisation's Connected Health (aka Health Network) gateway (not via the public Internet)

2)If relevant the organisations proxy server needs to be configured so that browser requests to are forwarded to the organisations Connected Health gateway.

3)If relevant, an outgoing firewall rule may need to be written to allow the practice to access ( through their Connected Health gateway.

NB: The website is available for HTTPS browsing for all Connected Health organisations so once the organisation is able to direct the traffic successfully through their local Connected Health gateway no further upstream network changes are required.


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