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ECG funding under POAC

The following principles apply when considering ECG funding under POAC


Patients who present with current pain and high suspicion of ACS - admit as per regional acute chest pain pathway. Any management awaiting ambulance transfer is standard care and POAC funding does not apply.

Patients who present with current pain and low suspicion of ACS work up with POAC funding as per acute chest pain pathway.

ECG must be accompanied by troponin testing, and with evidence of rapid (same day) follow up of ECG and blood tests.


Investigation of current palpitations or irregular pulse if patient cannot pay for ECG and would otherwise be sent to hospital acutely for ECG

For all cases co-payment issue that would otherwise mean that the patient would be sent acutely to hospital needs to be applied. For patients with private insurance, or the ability to self-fund, this option should be utilised in the first instance.


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