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Ambulance Transfer

Ambulance transfer can be made for patients who are not mobile and need transport to residential care, return home or to urgent POAC appointments.

Check the following with the referrer:

  • Wheelchair or stretcher travel
  • Any stairs
  • Is single person transfer suitable (double crew may be needed for heavier patients)
  • Oxygen required or other medical concerns


St John Ambulance Transport

Phone: 0800 426 285

How to book:

Request a non urgent transfer.  This is a private hire, the invoice to be sent to:

POAC, PO Box 38 248, Howick, Auckland.  

(Note: there is usually a minimum of 90 minute stand down period)

Phone: 09 630 2060 or 027 688 9957


Alternative to St John ambulance, providing wheelchair or stretcher transfer

How to book: 

Email or phone to request a booking.  Account to be sent to POAC. 

Metro Ambulance

Phone: 09 412 8500


How to book:

Phone or email booking request.  Send account to POAC.


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